11-12 November 2020 | Fiera Milano City | Italy

3rd Exhibition for Fastener & Fixing Technology


Surface treatments and finishing for fasteners: trends and perspectives for bolts and nuts

Thursday, 27 September 2018 | 11:00 - 12:00


Surface finishing treatments can have a significant impact on the properties of fasteners, making them more suitable for specific applications and allowing safer joints.

Typically, surface coatings are applied to extend the operating life of such devices, increasing their resistance to corrosion and wear, but also for decorative purposes. In the fasteners coating process there are many factors to consider:

  • the conditions of use, such as corrosive environments, extreme temperatures or strong physical stresses;
  • the construction materials, since the coupling of materials with different nobility can cause an early degradation of the materials;
  • the dimensional aspect because the thickness of the coating can not exceed a certain limit in order not to cause assembly difficulties;
  • hydrogen embrittlement due to the various stages of processing and which may cause the elements to break;
  • the aesthetic aspect and the colour that allow an immediate identification of the elements;
  • environmental issues related to the use of chemicals subject to restrictions.

The meeting will have the aim of illustrating the state of the art of fastener coatings and of introducing future prospects.


1. Zink-nickel alloy electrodeposition – alkaline and acid processes

   Ing. Stefano Galleani – Glomax srl

2. Neverfriction® - coating for high strength bolts

   Ing. Paolo Redaelli – Fontana Gruppo

3. Innovative instruments for monitoring and control of the hydrogen embrittlement risk

   Serena Corsinovi – Letomec srl

 4. Non-toxic anti-corrosive layers. Advancement in toxic metal and dyes free passivation treatments for zinc and zinc-nickel deposits

   Sig. Emanuele Grillo - Tecnochimica S.p.A.

MODERATOR: Prof. Luca Magagnin - President of A.I.F.M.



  • We were pleased to meet all our customers and visitors and to spend time together offering fixing solutions for different industries including automotive, construction, or renewable energy. It was greatly successful with a huge number of visitors.
    Federico Donatelli
  • Our presence at the fair has definitely been positive, we met businessmen from all over the world and the fact that there was strong Italian presence – both among exhibitors and among visitors – demonstrated that the market is in good health.
    Marco Pizzi
    Carlo Salvi SpA
  • In our opinion this Fastener Fair Italy's first edition went well beyond our expectations in terms of attendance rate and quality of visitors.
    Roberto Casagranda
    Defremm SpA
  • We really needed a show like this in Italy. Great attendance, even from foreign visitors.
    Davide Dell’Oro
  • The show was a great success for Fastbolt. As well as meeting already existing international customers, we also made many new contacts linked to distributors from various European countries. Once again, our focus at the show was on illustrating the large range of services that Fastbolt offers to traders in Europe, and primarily on the digitisation of our business. Bearing in mind that this fair was organised for the first time, the positive result is all the more impressive. It seems that Fastener Fair in Milan has already become an established and significant event in the European calendar of fasteners!
    Ekkehard Beermann
    Fastbolt Schraubengroßhandels GmbH


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